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Potpourri spice- A spicy combination of freshly ground cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, ginger, and clove

Pucker Up-A fabulous fruity accord of melon, berry, apple, lemon and bergamot leading into a floral bouquet of cyclamen, geranium,  jasmine and orris with a hint of amber and cedar.

Pumpkin Apple Butter- Pumpkin apple butter fragrance will put you in the mood for the holidays with top notes of orange, apple, pear, pineapple, and cherries; middle notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove; with base notes of warm vanilla. Unique, and simply amazing!

Pumpkin Caramel Cake- Yummy top notes of buttercream and almond add decadent appeal to this spicy confection.A heart of cinnamon and ginger blends with brown sugar and sweet vanilla bean

Pumpkin cheesecake- a delicious blend of spicy pumpkin and sweet cheesecake

Pumpkin Cupcake Type-Sweet buttercream frosting and freshly baked pumpkin cupcake.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Type(Compare to Bath/Body Works)-Oh my word how delish is this scent! It's a must try of pumpkin pecan waffles, maple syrup, and brown sugar!
Pumpkin Pie Perfection-Fresh pumpkin pie with just the right amount of spice, if your looking for a less spicy pumpkin pie this is it! 

Pumpkin pie spice- Nice, spicy blend recalling a fresh baked pie right from your mom's kitchen. You'll think you have a pumpkin pie in the oven!

Pumpkin Raisin Royale- This unique fragrance begins with top notes of pumpkin and orange; with middle notes of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg; and well balanced with base notes of raisin, walnut, and vanilla.

Pumpkin Souffle- Fresh pumpkin with notes of butter, sugar, and spices for a baked pumpkin goodness!

Pumpkin Spice Latte- Roasted coffee beans, cinnamon, pumpkin spices and hints of cream.........super spicy and super strong!

Pumpkin Sugared Doughnut Type(Compare to Bath/Body Works)-A tempting aroma of pumpkin sugared doughnut sprinkled with sugar and spice, another fab pumpkin scent!

Rainforest- A Clean and very unisex fragrance of jasmine, florals, citrus and light woody notes.

Raspberry Dreamy- Not at all your ordinary raspberry scent but a luscious and bold bakery raspberry treat!

Raspberry Lemonade- The tart scent of lemons and the sweet scent of Raspberries

Red Hot (Cinnamon)- Just like the lil red hot candies!

Reindeer Retreat- This strong blend is filled with cinnamon and spices with hints of cool mint~a different twist on pine.
Rocky Mountain Christmas-Intoxicating aromas of Blue Spruce, Northern Pine and Douglas Fir with a warm woody base.
Rustic Lodge-Very fall like and will give you that "home sweet home" feeling. Notes included fruity green apple, honey, cinnamon bark, nuts, creamy caramel, maple sugar, cider spice and warm french vanilla!

Salted Caramel Type-A sweet and salty caramel, melt in your mouth good!

SaltySea Air- A clean ozone fresh ocean breeze type with a cyclamen, water lily top note, a green sea-weed and clover middle note and a warm woody driftwood base note

Sandalwood- a rich and sweet earthy scent

Satin Sheets-A seductive blend of white and dark chocolate, with notes of  violet, fresh jasmine, musk, blackberries and vanilla.
Sea Blossom Type- A green salty air ozoney sea breeze type with a green water chestnut herbaceous top-note, a floral lily-rose middle note and a soft musky driftwood base note 

Seaside holiday Type- Looking for a day at the beach? Sunlight warming you inside and out? The cool mist of the ocean sweeping over your body? Relax...this will take you there

Serendipity- Sweet, thick creamy vanilla with confectioners sugar sweet cherry, sweet orange citrus, and the tiniest amount of yummy fresh coconut

Sexy as Sin-A floral bouquet of gardenia, tuberose, sweet vanilla and exotic musk which is sure to intoxicate your senses.

Snuggle Type- Smells just like Snuggle Blue Sparkle fabric softener!

Spa- Floral blend of jasmine, rose and neroli with hints of violet on a background of tonka beans and fresh green ferns

Spearmint- Refreshing, minty spearmint aroma. Strong, and very true to its name

Spiced cranberry- a crisp and strong tart cranberry with a spicy flair..a must try!

Spiced Crumb Cake-Warm rich bakery tones are blended with creamed butter and grated cinnamon. Hints of almond and maple add sweetness to this classic dessert!

Spiced icicles- A sparkling fresh scent with warm spice notes fill the air with this invigorating, joyful scent!

Spiced sugar plums- Luscious plums and sweet and lively berries with a hint of spice!

Spicy apples n’ peaches- Warm sweet blend of fresh apples and cinnamon sticks with a light pineapple and peach background

Splash-Lemon, lime and grapefruit for a splashin good aroma!

St. Nick’s Lane- This scent is comprised of musk, frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon, hints of cool mint with spruce notes throughout

Starbuck's Coffee Type-Strong & black, smells just like the real deal!

Strawberries & champagne Type- a fresh aquatic, yet lightly fruited strawberry, grapes, and sparkling wine aroma

Strawberry jam- an incredible fresh juicy strawberries aroma made into grandma’s jam
Strawberry Patch- omg I love this scent! This is the most truest strawberry scent I have come across..nothing but pure fresh strawberry goodness 

Strawberry Watermelon- sweet juicy watermelon with hints of strawberry 

Stuffed French Toast- A fabulous twist to a classic scent, a tiny hint of orange adds sweetness with warm tones of toasted almond blends with rich cinnamon and grated nutmeg at the heart of the fragrance. Rich bakery tones lead to a base of rich, sweet buttercream, as well as sweet sugary accents 

Sugared Pecans-Warm pecans surrounded by a sweet cloud of sugar maple and a touch of cinnamon. Creamy vanilla bean adds just the right amount of sweetness

Sugared spruce-a unique twist on the traditional Christmas tree scent! Sweet orange, soft fir needle, pine with sweet raspberry and strawberry.

Sunday Brunch-This is an amazingly good fragrance with so many yummy goodies! I could melt this one all day every day, it's that good:) Notes include melted butter, crisp bacon, cinnamon spice, ground nutmeg, clove leaves, maple syrup, pie crust and vanilla sugar!
Sun your Buns-A twist on a tropical treat! Bananas with tangy pineapple, juicy peaches and sweet coconut milk infused with vanilla
Sun & Sand Type-A fresh-floral tropical breeze type reminiscent of summers at the beach with top notes of lemon, lime and rose middle notes of tuberose and violet, and a soft muguet, sandalwood dry-out
Sweet Craving Type-A warm and sensual bouquet that begins with tangy lemon and sweet cotton candy notes fused with an intoxicating blend of soothing amber, creamy vanilla, exotic musk and rich patchouli

Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar-An amazing mix of mashed sweet potato, coconut milk, brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, ground nutmeg, vanilla extract, butter rum, and maple sugar..YUM!
Sweet tarts-sweet sugar and sour notes of various fruits and citrus! If you like the candy sweet tarts then try this!
Sweet Temptation Type(Compare to Victoria's Secret)-A fruity floral fragrance with notes of apricot, grapefruit and lily of the valley.

Tea & Cakes-Orange and almond tea cakes with a sip of steaming black tea.
Tis the Season-A cheerful dose of hollies and berries, and alil spice and alil balsam
Tomato Leaf- Very much like the real deal, sweet green tomato leaves.
Twisted Peppermint Type(Compare to Bath & Body Works)-Cool and refreshing mint with sugar and rich vanilla.
Ultimate vanilla- the perfect vanilla scent! with alil something extra added in to make it even more intriguing.

Vanilla-da Bomb- A Super strong, super rich vanilla infused with brown sugar crystals that will totally blow you away! One of the best I’ve tried vanilla scents

Vanilla bean noel Type- Delicious sugar cookies covered in sweet icing with a touch of vanilla caramel!
Vanilla Buttercream-A rich blend of churned butter, sugar, and creamy vanilla bean.

Vanilla Butter Fudge- Out of this world blend of rich butter and vanilla! L-O-V-E IT Good!

Vanilla lavender Type- a relaxing and tranquil scent that is also unique and memorable. A well-rounded combination of fresh lavender, fresh vanilla beans, with orange zests and patchouli
Vanilla Milkshake-Just like the real deal, cool and frosty!

Vanilla Pine Cones- A wonderful southern pine and a warm vanilla blended together. The vanilla takes the edge off the pine and makes a very warm and fragrant scent

Very Sexy for Men Type- A spicy citrus blend, top notes of pink lime, bergamot leaves, and tangerine. Middle notes of cinnamon bark, lime wood, and sage. Vetiver and orange flower comprise the dry down
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